Jack of All Beads
Canby Naturopathic
McMinnville Dry Cleaning
Amity gas
Coehlo Winery
Harvest Fresh
Amity Foods
First Baptist
Los Compadres
Big Apple
Eagles Nest
El Rancho
Active Tax
Homeward Bound
Merri Artist
Nelson Paint
Harvest Fresh catering
Monmouth Market Deli
Grocery Outlet Newberg
Monmouth Mini Storage
Grocery Outlet McMinnville
Susan Chambers
Ronni Lacroute
Wings Waves Robot ice cream
McPhillips Farm
Linfield-12 Stadium stairs
Jack Of All Beads
3rd St Vet
Key to Health
The Diner
Sandwich Express
Circle K
3rd St Pizza
MSD office@cook
Nature’s Pet
MSD port@cook
Mini Hidalgo
MSD conf@buel
MSD port@grand
Recology Office
MSD field@patton
CoM Senior
CoM Wortman
CoM City Park
CoM Airport
Neighborhood Mkt
MSD port@newby
Falls Event Chapel
CoM Parking
Recology Maint
Your Space Storage South #1
Your Space Storage North
Gratefull Gardens
CoM Discovery
MSD Buel
Monmouth Lib
Your Space Storage South #2
MSD Duniway
Covenant church
Linfield-11 PAR
A Family Place / FBC
Blue Sky Acupuncture
McMinnville Dry Cleaning SIGN
Linfield-15 FML PAR
Linfield-18 Earth Day
Salem Parking
Linfield-19 Refresh D
Linfield-20 Refresh F
Wyman’s Woods
Linfield-16 Fieldhouse T5
Monmouth Lib Phase 02 of SBP
American Legion
Linfield-10 T5 Pool
Airport hanger x2
CoM Airport Phase02
CoM Library
MOS Gourmet Coffee
Wings & Waves batch – shop
Linfield-13 Batch FML corns
Linfield-04 acorn
St James
St James Church – Change Order
Monmouth Library Phase3 final exterior
Wings & Waves batch – ufo+
NW Logging Supplies
Key to Health Sign
Yamhill Methodist
Linfield-21 Dillan Ball lights
Linfield-13 Batch Bldg #8/TJ Day Hall
Linfield-13 Batch Outdoor HID
Linfield-13 T5 Warehouse t5 + Murdoch T8 + mogul + fuel
Linfield-13 Batch Dillin (10397)
Linfield-13 Batch HHPA sports
Linfield-13 Batch Library
Linfield-13 Batch Halls
Linfield-13 Batch Dorm Legacy apt
Linfield-25 Facilities Bldg exterior
CoM Linear Park Trail
CoM Community Center Exterior
MSD Adams
MSD Columbus
MSD Patton
McMinnville Inn
MSD Cowls Street Tennis Courts
The Berry House
Bierly Brewing
FBC High Use
First Baptist Church Phase5 Social Hall
First Baptist Church PerBulb Battery Backup
Walnut City Lanes
McMinnville ReStore change order
McMinnville ReStore
Linfield-26 A-lamp Phase03
Linfield-13 Batch Dorm Mahaffey
Linfield-13 Batch Dorm HPP
Linfield-13 Batch Dorm suburbs
Linfield-26 Exits Phase04
Linfield-27 HP exterior
Linfield-26 weight rooms
Rock of Ages Retirement a-lamps
Linfield-26 lamp BATCH
St. Vincent de Paul
Linfield-21 racquetball & excercise
HBF International Office
Yamhill Valley Heritage Center per bulb change
Yamhill Valley Heritage Center
Monmouth Library Interior 4
Falls Event Parking Phase 1
West Valley Community Campus Phase02
CoY Water Treatment Plant
CoY Public Works Office
CoY City Hall
Harvest Fresh Farm
Oregon Roofing Company
Willamette Valley Medical Center
McMinnville ReStore calc5.0
St James Church
St James School
MSD Memorial
YC Fairgrounds
CoM Library Phase 2 (interior/exterior)
First Baptist Church PerBulb
MSD Patton
Yamhill Valley Heritage Center calc5.0
Yamhill Valley Heritage Center calc5.0
Bierly Brewing calc5.0
The Diner case
Nature’s Pet sign
Willamette Valley Med Ctr elevator bulbs
Willamette Valley Med Ctr elevator bulbs
Walnut City Lanes calc5.0
CoM Library Phase 2 calc5.0
St. James School calc5.0
Wings & Waves Waterpark Q2
St. Vincent de Paul calc5.0
Linfield-21 racquetball & excercise calc5.0
McMinnville Cooperative Ministries
CoM Public works shop 01
CoM Public works shop 02 sens
St. James church calc5.0
YC Fairgrounds calc5.0
Linfield-26 lamp BATCH calc 5.0
Linfield-26 Exits Phase08 calc 5.0
Linfield-17 2019-Q1-Q3 spare lamp stock
FBC High Use calc5.0
FBC PerBulb calc5.0
First Baptist Church PerBulb change
Sheridan Japanese School
West Valley Community Campus
McMinnville Inn 02
Newberg Lighting Analysis
FBC security Cams
Knecht Lombard
CoM Library sensors
Walnut City Lanes sensors
St. Vincent de Paul sensors
Harvest Fresh Glitchy Switchy & farm solar
YC Fairgrounds change T8s including LEWIS
Currents Gallery Classroom
CoM Wortman Park repair
CoM City Park lenses
Linfield Acorn upgrades
Monmouth Police
Waterpark HID Upgrade
Linfield streetlights
Linfield streetlights phase 2
Evergreen Museum (give new job#)
Wings & Waves 2020-Q1
Willamette Valley Medical Center
HBF Office sensors
Willamette Valley Medical Center parking lot 6lts
FBC Technology
Wings & Waves Waterpark Technology
First Baptist Church Phase5 Social Hall
CoM Community Center lamp change
HBF Farm
FBC LED finish
CoM Chegwyn Farm
Linfield – Walker int HID